A life at 2118m high

Altitude isn’t Sauma Longue only distinctive characteristic. It is also the only restaurant offering a panoramic view on Auron’s village and the valley. However, such a location inevitably comes with daily adventures.

Indeed, nothing is simple at 2118m high:

  • Carrying the food and goods every day on a snow scoot can be perilous.
  • Sauma Longue’s team is used to be stuck during 2 or 3 days due to an intense snow fall or wind storm.
  • Very cold temperatures 2 days before the season starts can be very damaging.
Sauma Longue enneigement

Adjusting to the mountain

After more than 35 years surrounded by slopes, Joel has developed a guide to become a great mountain man or woman, here are the main rules:

  • Always have a Plan B (and a Plan C, sometimes a Plan D)
  • Be handy (a real must-have)
  • Always be prepared for an emercency
  • Make a wise decision based on the weather

But whatever the weather, our main concern is always how to best welcome our customers. After all, despite sometimes difficult conditions, our best reward is always there: wake up to an extraordinary view, often completed by a sea of clouds and unbelievable colours, only to be seen in altitude.

saumalongue motoneige