In the center of Auron’s slopes since 1982

At 2115m high, the restaurant Sauma Longue was built in the 1950’s right in the center of the slopes of Auron’s ski resort. Skiers and mountain lovers could already back in these days enjoy delicious meals but also sleep in one of the 10 rooms of the hotel.

At that time, pedestrians and tired skiers could easily access the restaurant with a former mechanical ski lift known as “casiers à bouteilles” (“bottle racks”) due to the shape of it. Customers would stand in individual baskets that would lift them from the center of Auron directly to the restaurant.

In 1974, a 3-people chair lift was built. This was a real revolution at the time for skiers but also for Sauma Longue’s staff who would use the lift to carry the food and goods to the restaurant.

Modern history of Sauma Longue changed when following winter 1980, a young group of friends joined together to open their 1st restaurant. An adventure that was supposed to last a few months ended up lasting many years. Obviously, Monique and Joel who were part of this group, fell in love with the place at first sight.

Today, more than 35 years later, you will still find the Zavrosa family running the place. After so many years spent with friendly customers, Sauma Longue has becomed more than a simple restaurant, it has becomed a great family.

Sauma Longue 30 ans

The future of the restaurant and of Sauma Longue’s ski sector

The slope Haute-Plane has been welcoming slalom practice. Sipping a cup of coffee on our terrace while enjoying the view of future champions hurtling down the slope is always a great moment !

Beautiful projects have been conducted in the Sauma Longue ski sector these last past years.

A new chair lift has been built in 2014, joining the bottom of Bois Gaston to the top of Haute-Plane in less than 15 min. Skiers can now ski the entire sector without waisting any time.

In addition, artificial snow can now be produced on most of the sector in case slopes are lacking a bit of natural snow.

New slopes and a new chair lift to join Auron and Sauma Longue are currrently being discussed.

Canon à neige Haute Plane Auron

Auron through history

In the beginning of the 20th century, only a few skiers were adventurous enough to hurtle down the snowy fields of Auron’s village during winter. In the 1930’s, skiing becomes big in the Alps. Auron is part of it and the first slalom race is organised in 1935.

In January 1937, Auron’s first cable car is inaugurated, becoming Auron’s emblem. In 1938, French ski championships are launched, shedding a light on the Alpes-Marimites ski resorts.

Nowadays, many local skiers as well as international mountain lovers can enjoy the Mercantour ski resorts made easily accessible thanks to Nice international airport.

Sauma Longue 30 ans